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Anonymous asked: Hey, so I was wondering if I put your guys' URL in my bio but use the problems in my own format, would that be okay with you guys?

Go ahead. I don’t own anything. Most of the problems are submissions and not my work. I just put them into images. Just let me know what you plan on using it for and I’m happy with it.

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There are 2 more problems in queue. There are plenty more ready to be made up but I can’t sit still to create them. I’ll have them up in the queue over the next few days though.

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enterthefuture99 asked: There hasn't been any activity here in a while. Are there any plans to continue this? I found some posts hilariously true and I hope you continue to do this.

I want to, but I need to convert everything over to a new software package that I’ve been using for class that I’m getting used to. Although my work load at the moment is a little intense, I’ll be hopefully getting this going again in a few weeks or so if I get the time.

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Anonymous asked: maybe he is also australian also why whould australians be more rac ist then any other country like for exempel amerika?

I’m not going to continue this argument here. If you want to continue it, go to and ask it there. It’s not the right place for this.

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