Nerd Boy Problems


Hi guys, I seem to get a lot of questions about a few various things and most seem to be the same, so here is my response to those questions.

Q) Your problems aren’t specific to just boys.

A) I know. If you look at the justnerdgirlproblems tumblr, then I’m sure you will see that there are many that aren’t specific to girls either.

Q) Can girls reblog any of the posts?

A) Of course they can. If you find something relevant to you, feel free to reblog them. There are many that are relevant to all genders.

Q) Why run a blog called justnerdboyproblems if not all your problems are about boys?

A) This allows for problems that are specific for boys. However there are many boys that will not reblog anything from the justnerdgirlproblems tumblr because of society looking down upon any boy that likes anything feminine.

More to come later.