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Sorry about the serious lack of updates as of late, I’ve been flat out with work and since its summer over here, I’m constantly tired afterwards. However there is good news in that when I get back to school in about 3 and a half weeks or so, I’ll be able to work out some tshirts for everyone.

Now, the 3 and a half weeks shouldn’t be how long it takes for me to get more posts up and running as I am hoping to get a few done on Monday which should last until I finish my summer job at which point I can post much more.

Now I am going to be running a competition such that whoever comes up with the design for the tshirt will get one for free. So if you want to show of your NerdBoyProblems pride, then you can submit an entry by submitting a picture. The idea of individual problems is being considered however this may be hard to do due to printing costs and the fact that some problems are longer than others.
In order to submit your design, please make sure that you don’t post under anonymous as I won’t be able to contact you in order to get you your free shirt should you win.
I will be going through the submissions and posting the best I find into a poll for people to vote on which one they would prefer to wear if I get several designs.


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